Author Guideline

Instructions for Writing and Submitting Manuscripts in the Journal of Food Technology and Agroindustry

The title is written using a capital letter at the beginning of each word, the center alignment is bold and the font uses TNR 14.


The author's name is written in TNR 12 font with 1 space and a maximum of 5 authors for each manuscript. Only the email of the first author is included in the manuscript.

Script writing format

The manuscript consists of an introduction, methods, results and discussion, conclusions, acknowledgments (if necessary) and a bibliography. The contents of the manuscript are written using the TNR 12 font, spaced 1 and written in two columns.

The introduction consists of a maximum of 1000 words. Introduction consists of background and research objectives.

Methods include time, place, research design, data collection instruments, and data analysis.

The results and discussion contain data from the results of research and discussion. The research data are presented in an easy-to-understand form such as tables, graphs and diagrams.

Conclusions must describe the answers to the problems that have been answered through research activities. Conclusions can also be added with suggestions for advanced researchers or general readers. Conclusions may cover the main points of the manuscript, but conclusions are not a replication of the abstract.

The bibliography is written using citation management such as mendeley, or zotero using the APA six edition writing format.

Manuscript Length

Manuscripts submitted are between 1500 and 4000 words. The acceptable length of the manuscript is at the discretion of the editor however, manuscripts with a length of less than or exceeding the specified word count may be returned to the author for revision before the manuscript is considered by the editor. The word count does not include tables, figures and references. The maximum number of pages is 15 pages.