• Call For Paper Vol 9 Number 1 APRIL 2022

      We, Editors In Chief and all editors of the Jurnal Jendela Hukum Wiraraja University, invite all Academics, Legal Practitioners to submit writings in the field of law, both conceptual studies and research results to be published in JURNAL JENDELA HUKUM Volume 9 Number 1 April 2022. Every article to be published must refer to the Legal Window Jurnal Writing Template. Writing templates can be seen on the Jurnal Jendela Hukum Web: https://www.ejournalwiraraja.com/index.php/FH Manuscripts can be submit at Jurnal Jendela Hukum, including the affiliation address. The deadline for submitting articles is March 31, 2022. Read more about Call For Paper Vol 9 Number 1 APRIL 2022